Detección oportuna de cáncer de mama

Timely detection, a key factor in winning the battle against breast cancer

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Detección oportuna de cáncer de mama

Currently, there are many possibilities of successfully fighting breast cancer if it is detected in time and proper treatment is received, that is why I recommend going to Breast Surgery consultations at least every three years after reaching 25 years of age.

In fact, if breast cancer is detected in a timely manner, it is one of the cancers with the greatest chance of being cured, for this we use multimodal therapies that eliminate the disease and with other treatments we try to destroy all that malignant cell that circulates in the body.

Comprehensive cancer treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy, as well as psychological treatment for the patient and her family. We rely on oncology psychologists, they help the patient and the family so that they can improve their quality of life and that all together, they can better cope with their disease. All this together makes it possible to overcome the disease and the emotional consequences that it brings.

Unfortunately and despite the available treatments, breast cancer can reappear in a patient.

I invite all who are reading this article to attend regular preventive consultations and even more so if they have already had and overcome this condition.

If you want more information on the subject, you can read an article that the Universidad del Valle de México wrote, based on an interview I gave them on the occasion of the fight against breast cancer.

Interview link:

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