Breast cancer expert in Mexico

Breast cancer expert in Mexico

Are you looking for a breast cancer expert in Mexico? With more than 1,000 cases of breast cancer treated, more than 2,000 interpreted mammograms and more than 5 years of experience in his field, Dr. Ricardo Cavazos García is a surgeon specialist in General Surgery with High Specialty in Mastology, also counting on a master’s degree in Strategic Management of Health Organizations.

Much of his professional practice in Mastology focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and conditions that affect the breast. He is an expert in highly complex surgical procedures.

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Breast cancer risk counseling is INCLUDED in ALL consultations!

All studies and procedures are carried out in a specialized area of ​​a certified clinic or hospital (depending on the condition or treatment).


Get to know some testimonials from patients who have consulted with Dr. Ricardo Cavazos.

“What can I tell you doctor? A service of 10, before going to consult I was very nervous and afraid of what would happen, thank you for projecting that tranquility. It is not easy to fight breast cancer but with doctors like you it becomes easier”

Fernanda Castro

“The doctor is an expert in what he does. He carries out his studies with great tact, I feel in confidence with him. I highly recommend it. Has a professionalism 👌”

Mariana Aidee Torres Rubio

“Dr. Cavazos very professional explaining at all times the findings of the exploration as well as the review of my medical examinations. Explaining clearly and simply and resolving doubts at all times. I am very calm after having consulted your opinion. Excellent facilities. Highly recommended!”

Rocío Puente

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Dr. Ricardo Cavazos García

Dr. Ricardo Cavazos García – Expert in Breast Cancer Surgery and Mastology in Mexico

Dr. Ricardo Cavazos is certified by different national and international institutions of his branch of Specialty and Subspecialty such as: the Mexican Mastology Association (AMM), the International Senology Society (SIS), the Latin American Mastology Federation (FLAM), American College of Surgeons (ACS), American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS), among others; He is also a founding member of the Mexican College of Mastologist Surgeons.


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  • Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía General A.C.
  • The American Society Of Breast Surgeons
  • Asociación Mexicana de Mastología A.C.
  • Facultad de Medicina
  • FUCAM A.C.
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
  • American College of Surgeons

Breast cancer expert in Mexico

Dr. Ricardo Cavazos G. - Artículo

Breast cancer expert in Mexico

A breast cancer expert is a health professional who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer.

Breast cancer experts receive specialized training to help patients understand and treat this type of cancer. We train in surgery, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. We also know the latest research in the field of breast cancer and advances in treatments.

Causes of breast cancer

Some of the risk factors are inheriting certain genes, age, family history, obesity, alcohol use, not having children, health status, and lifestyle.

Treatments for breast cancer

You must know the different types of treatment available. These include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. Each of these treatments is used in different ways to treat breast cancer.

I may use any or a combination of the following treatments:

  • Surgery: surgery may be done to remove the tumor, sometimes with the removal of the lymph nodes, and reduction or removal of the breast.
  • Chemotherapy: drugs to kill cancer cells.
  • Radiation: high-energy x-rays to kill cancer cells.
  • Hormone therapy: medicines to block the effects of hormones that fuel tumor growth.
  • Targeted therapy: drugs to attack specific proteins or genes in cancer cells.

In addition, you may receive other treatments, such as supportive therapy, rehabilitation, or medication to control side effects.

Remember that breast cancer is not a death sentence. If caught early, there are many treatment options available. It is important to start treatment with a certified expert.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have suspicions, contact me now.

Breast pain specialist

It is a very common and worrisome symptom for women that does not commonly have any serious background.

Breast tumors

Breast lumps in both men and women raise concerns about breast cancer, although most of them are not cancer.

  • Both men and women of all ages have normal breast tissue. This tissue responds to hormonal changes. Because of this, the bumps can come and go.

Lumps on the breasts can appear at any age:

  • Babies of both sexes may have breast lumps at birth from their mothers’ estrogens. The lump will usually go away on its own as the estrogen disappears from the baby’s body.
  • Young girls usually have a breast “lump” or “breast buds” that appear just before puberty begins. These bumps can be tender. They are common around the age of 9, but can appear as early as 6 years of age.
  • Male adolescents may have lumps or enlarged breasts due to hormonal changes that occur in mid-puberty. Although this can be distressing for children, these lumps or bumps almost always disappear on their own within a few months.

Contact our specialist if you feel any “lump” in the breast.

Treatment of breast tumors

If you have detected a breast tumor, see your mastologist surgeon immediately, no matter your age, gender or absence of risk factors.

Should I get checked if I’m under 40 years old?

Yes. The care that a woman should have for herself should start from an early age. These recommendations should be transmitted to all the women we meet, as it will be the way to detect a problem as soon as possible, essential to treat it in advance.

18 years old

It is recommended that from 18 years of age women begin to perform breast self-examination, once a month after the end of their menstrual cycle.

25 years old

It is also important that all women over 25 years of age go to a breast specialist doctor for a medical check-up at least once a year, especially if they have pain or touch a “lump”.

40 years old

In general, mammography is not recommended in women under 40 years of age, in any case, if the doctor considers it necessary, he or she will request a breast ultrasound.

Treatment of breast abscesses

The abscess is created when the infection of the tissue becomes suppurative, causing acute inflammation and the consequent collection of purulent fluid.

Mammary dysplasia specialist

It is a benign situation in which certain changes occur in the breast that can cause discomfort and variations in breast palpation.

Treatment of breast fibroadenoma

It is the most common benign tumor of the breast. It is common in young patients. It is important that every breast tumor is evaluated by a specialist.

Treatment of breast infection

It manifests with moderate to severe pain, hypersensitivity, fever, reddish skin and increased temperature, including abscesses.

Nipple discharge

It is a symptom of suspected cancer. If you present it, go for a consultation with the specialist.

And what about cysts? Do they cause cancer?

Cysts are sacs of fluid that are frequently located in the breast, and although they are not usually touched, it is true that they can grow a lot. They generally do not cause problems, however it is very important to diagnose that within them there are no solid parts or some other alterations.

Surgery for breast cancer in Mexico

Breast cancer surgery is a key component of breast cancer treatment that involves removing the cancer with an operation. Breast cancer surgery can be used alone or in combination with other treatments, such as:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy.
  • Targeted therapy.
  • Radiotherapy.

For people at very high risk of breast cancer, breast cancer surgery may be an option to reduce the risk of breast cancer in the future.

Breast cancer surgery includes different procedures, such as:

  • Surgery to remove the entire breast (mastectomy).
  • Surgery to remove part of the breast tissue (lumpectomy).
  • Surgery to remove nearby lymph nodes.
  • Surgery to rebuild a breast after a mastectomy.

The type of procedure that is right for you will depend on the size and stage of your cancer, your other treatment options, and your goals and preferences.

Breast cancer is treatable if caught early!

Did you already know these myths and realities of breast cancer?

In this series of videos, Dr. Ricardo Cavazos breaks some myths related to what is commonly said about breast cancer and what derives from this disease.

“Breast cancer does NOT occur in women under 40 years of age”

“During breastfeeding the baby bit my nipple and that caused me to get breast cancer”

“Breast cancer spreads with biopsy”

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Breast cancer expert in Mexico

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